Ground Up is Giuseppe Pederzolli

I am a craftsman. Steel, wood and recycled materials combine in my works to achieve a clean, minimal style, inspired by the early 1900s steel manufacturing: this has been and still is my fundamental idea, which materializes each time in a different way.

I like resistant, reliable and high quality materials. The practical, essential design joins the artisanal know-how. The result is original and yet careful to make no compromise on function. What I make is authentic and built to last. 

I like to hear people’s proposals, their point of views and their needs: please do not hesitate to contact me for custom quotes, information on what you see in the website, or even if you have a project in your mind different from what you see here: let’s talk about it!

I also work with artists, sculptors and companies. Feel free to contact me for further information!

Via Paraiso 60
Schio, VI

+39 370 338 0056

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